About Us

Team photography and professional makeup for the bride

We met on a commercial set seventeen years ago as photographer and makeup artist and have loved working together ever since. We’ve had the good fortune to work on hundreds of photography projects ranging from advertising to documentaries that have taken us to incredible locations around the world, and given us the opportunity to collaborate with many remarkable and talented people. After our own destination wedding, we realized that our combined skill-set was perfectly suited for weddings-which inspired us to launch our photography and beauty company.

Photographing weddings gives us the opportunity to combine so many of the aspects we love most about photography, blending photojournalism, fine art and portraiture and adding our own artistic style. We love using natural light and simplicity to tell a story, rich in color, detail and graceful movement. Photographing the day as it naturally unfolds, capturing the genuine spirit of the event with ease.

We love that every wedding is different and each couple unique. Our favorite part of our job is getting to know our clients and being part of an event that is meaningful and significant.

We’d love to hear about your wedding day plans!

John & Colette